Best Canon Cameras | The Go-to Brand in 2022?

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I have been a Canon user ever since I started my career in photography and have stuck to the brand even after so many years in this field. The reason is simple – I never felt the need to shift to a different brand as Canon has been consistently offering me great value for the price I pay!

With frequent releases of updated camera models and a wide range of compatible lenses and other photography gear, the brand hasn’t given me many chances to complain over the last several years.

Editor’s Choice
Canon EOS Rebel SL3

A 23.4-megapixel camera with a host of beginner-friendly features.

Canon has a wide range of cameras for pretty much every task out there! No matter whether you’re looking for a compact point and shoot camera for a teenager, a vlogging camera to kickstart your YouTube channel or a DSLR loaded with professional features – Canon comes with options perfect for all of the above.

If you’re thinking of going for a camera of this brand, knowing about your choices will make choosing easier. Here is my guide covering some of the best Canon cameras that won’t disappoint with their performance.

Best Canon Cameras for Beginners [Jan 2022 Updated Picks]

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly camera to give a start to your photography career? Well, you’re in luck as there are several Canon DSLRs that you can choose from!

Usually, the requirements of beginners or hobbyists are different from professionals. This is because it’s hard to understand the various controls in professional DSLRs if you are not very knowledgeable about photography.

Beginner-level Canon cameras are usually lightweight and are easy to operate for first-time DSLR users. But at the same time, it comes with several impressive features to help you capture the perfect image!

Here are some of the best canon cameras for beginners that you can check out.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3

A 23.4-megapixel camera with a host of beginner-friendly features.

Megapixels: 24.2Sensor: CMOS Sensor , APS-C
Aspect Ratio: 3:2ISO Range: 100 – 25600
Lens Mount: Canon EF/EF-SStorage: SD / SDHC / SDXC
Flash: YesWeight : 23.4 oz

The Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is an excellent camera for novice photographers. I would also suggest this as a perfect camera for hobbyists who want to upgrade from a basic point and shoot to improve their photography skills.

I would say that this is one of the best Canon cameras in terms of ease of use. It is much lighter than an average DSLR and doesn’t come with an overly complicated menu and control buttons, making it easy to operate even for a complete novice. And the excellent battery life is an added bonus!

This DSLR comes with a 24.1 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor combined with Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This, combined with the eye detection feature, makes it easy to click stunning portraits with sharp details.

Moreover, the fully articulated touchscreen is a great addition that makes taking shots from different angles easier. 

The autofocus tends to slow down a bit when tracking moving subjects – this makes it difficult to get a perfect shot when shooting sports events or similar stuff. Another drawback of the camera is its performance in low light. While the images in good light conditions are exceptional, the noise levels tend to increase when shooting in higher ISO.

It comes with a 4k video recording feature, making it an excellent camera for those interested in vlogging. However, this camera lacks in-body image stabilization, so it’s best to use a tripod for videos or when using telephoto lenses.

I would recommend this fantastic camera to anyone looking for a decent and affordable entry-level DSLR to hone their photography skills.

  • Lightweight, compact camera
  • Built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great battery life
  • Fully articulated touch-enabled LCD screen
  • Autofocus is not up to par
  • No automatic flash

Canon EOS Rebel T7

An affordable entry-level camera featuring a 24.1-megapixel sensor.

Megapixels: 24.1Sensor: CMOS
Aspect Ratio: 3:2ISO Range: 100 – 6400
Lens Mount: Canon EF/EF-SStorage: SD / SDHC / SDXC
Flash: Yes Weight : 23.8 oz 

The Canon EOS Rebel T7 is one of the best choices if you want a decent DSLR within a limited budget.

Featuring a 24.1 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor with a 9-point autofocus system, this DSLR is good enough for basic photography. It is easy to operate and captures vividly detailed portraits and landscapes, especially during the daytime. However, its performance in dim light conditions isn’t as great due to the low ISO range, which is slightly disappointing.

I would have preferred a touch-enabled screen as it makes it easier to focus, but unfortunately, the camera isn’t equipped with one. In addition, the screen is fixed with the camera body.

Although there’s no 4k recording, the full HD video is good enough for capturing important moments. Unless you need a camera specifically for video recording, this model is sure to meet your expectations in terms of quality.

The camera lacks weather sealing, which isn’t a surprise given its price range. On the brighter side, it is equipped with Wi-fi and NFC connectivity, enabling you to share or transfer your files instantly.

To summarize, this is a decent model for those intending to build upon their photography skills before investing in an advanced professional camera. I would also recommend it to photography enthusiasts who want a reliable camera to capture everyday moments.

  • Comes with a 24.1-megapixel sensor
  • Built-in Wi-fi and NFC for easy connectivity
  • Full HD video recording
  • Optical viewfinder with 95% frame coverage
  • Supports RAW file formats
  • No touchscreennLow ISO range
  • LCD screen is fixed

Best Canon Cameras for Photography

Professionals in the field of photography are on the lookout for high-performance cameras and photography gear. Photographers usually look for a versatile camera that can perform well for all types of photography. 

Advanced DSLRs are the best choice for photographers. They come with larger sensors, stunning picture quality, quicker autofocus, dynamic ISO range,  and compatibility with a variety of different interchangeable lenses.

Moreover, DSLRs allow one to shoot in RAW format. This is an essential feature for photographers as they can retain all the image details for further processing on any professional photo editing software.

Here are some of the best Canon cameras for photography that are worth considering.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

A 30.4-megapixel DSLR with fast and accurate autofocus.

Megapixels: 30.4Sensor: CMOS
Aspect Ratio: 3:2ISO Range: 100 – 32000
Lens Mount: Canon EFStorage: CF1 / SD / SDHC / SDXC
Flash: NoWeight : 31.4 oz

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a camera made for professional photographers. Featuring a 30.4 Megapixel full-frame sensor, it captures images rich in both color and detail. Combined with its high ISO range, you can expect great shots with minimal noise no matter what light conditions you are shooting in.

The design is similar to earlier Canon 5D models, so old users won’t have any problem getting familiar with the controls of the Mark IV. I really like the rugged design and sturdy feel of the camera body.

One prominent feature that sets this camera apart from its predecessors is the 61-point autofocus system (of which 41 points are cross-type). In addition, the Dual Pixel CMOS AF ensures quick and easy tracking of the subject.

I mostly shoot wildlife and birds, and the camera did a great job in instantly locking on to the target to give me some shots that I am proud of! This Canon DSLR comes with high-speed autofocus even when shooting in live view mode, unlike some earlier models. The quick autofocus makes this an excellent camera for wildlife, action, and sports photographers.

The battery life is decent, which is great if you are a professional engaging in long shoots. If you enjoy taking occasional videos, the 4k video capability will be an added bonus! All in all, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a camera worth going for!

  • Impressive image quality
  • High ISO range
  • 61-point autofocus system
  • Weather-sealed body
  • Fixed LCD screen
  • Huge video file size when shooting in 4k

Canon EOS 90D

A professional DSLR camera with an impressive 32.5-megapixel sensor.

Megapixels: 32.5Sensor: CMOS
Aspect Ratio: 3:2ISO Range: 100 – 25600
Lens Mount: Canon EF/EF-SStorage: SD / SDHC / SDXC
Flash: Yes.Weight : 42.9 oz 

The Canon EOS 90D comes with a 32.5 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor that does a great job of delivering stunning, high-resolution images. So if you are a beginner or experienced photographer looking for a feature-loaded camera within a moderate budget for basic professional use, I would suggest going for this excellent product!

The high resolution is a boon for wildlife photographers like me! It allows me more room for cropping pictures with smaller animals or birds without losing much in terms of image quality. In addition, the well-designed grip makes it easy to shoot even when using large and heavy telephoto lenses.

The camera is equipped with eye-detection AF that makes it a perfect tool for capturing stunning portraits. The accurate face and eye detection feature make it easy to jump between subjects – this is a handy feature when you’re shooting birthdays, weddings, or parties with lots of people.

It allows continuous shooting up to 10fps through the viewfinder and up to 11fps in live view mode, making it remarkably easy to capture subjects in action without missing a moment. 

You can shoot videos in 4k with this camera, although I was disappointed with the lack of a 24p shooting option. The low light performance, too, did not meet up to my expectations.

But despite these, I would say that it is a great camera for all-around professional use.

  • 32.5-megapixel sensor
  • Great battery lifenEye detection AF
  • 4k video
  • 45-point autofocus system
  • Is rather heavy
  • No support for USB charging
  • Less than satisfactory performance in low light

Best Canon Cameras for Video 

Are you a vlogger looking for a compact camera that can shoot 4k videos to increase the followers on your channel? Or a budding filmmaker looking for a high-resolution video camera to shoot your next short film? Well, no matter what your requirements are, you’ll be glad to know that Canon has several cameras that are designed especially for videography!

The needs of videographers differ from photographers in certain aspects. Firstly, they look for high video resolution (preferably 4k or above), and secondly, they need a travel-friendly compact camera.

If you’re on the lookout for the best Canon camera for video, your search ends here. Check out the options below!

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III

A 20.1-megapixel compact digital camera designed especially for vloggers.

Megapixels: 20.2Sensor: CMOS
Aspect Ratio: 3:2ISO Range: 125 – 12800
Lens Mount: Not supportedStorage: SD / SDHC / SDXC
Flash: Internal Weight : 10.7 oz

Often, vloggers need to shoot long videos or live streams to share with their followers, and a camera with poor battery life can easily mess up their work. But not with the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III! This Canon camera boasts exceptional battery life – enough to meet the expectations of a full-time vlogger.

This digital camera is equipped with a touchscreen, making it super easy to change settings while shooting videos. Moreover, you can also flip up the screen in case you want to take a selfie video! It is also equipped with a 4.2x zoom lens that is great for a camera of this size.

The poor autofocus is the most disappointing aspect of this camera. I felt it was too slow for my liking. While it may not pose too much problem when shooting videos, capturing quick singles can be inconvenient.

One of the best features that I loved about this digital camera is that you can directly live stream to YouTube from this device. And the best part – setting up the camera for live streaming is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.

In my opinion, this is one of the best Canon compact cameras for shooting high-quality videos. You can definitely go for this if you want to be free from the hassle of running around with a heavy DSLR for videography.

  • Great battery life
  • 4k video recording
  • Flip-up touchscreen
  • Comes with a 4.2x optical zoom lensnLive streaming option
  • Autofocus isn’t up to the mark
  • May have overheating issues

Canon EOS M50

A compact mirrorless camera featuring a 24.2-megapixel sensor.

Megapixels: 24.2Sensor: CMOS
Aspect Ratio: 3:2ISO Range: 100 – 25600
Lens Mount: Canon EF-MStorage: SD / SDHC / SDXC
Flash: InternalWeight : 17.1 oz

The Canon EOS M50 is a compact mirrorless camera that is especially suitable for vlogging and videography. While it can shoot highly detailed videos in 4k, the cropping factor may be unappealing for some people. But, I personally had no problem with it and was rather happy with how the videos turned out.

Here’s a tip – try shooting in full HD 1080p if you want to avoid cropped videos. The quality is still outstanding in this mode too!

While coming to still images, the camera did not fall short of my expectations. This mirrorless camera features a 24.2 megapixel APS C CMOS sensor along with a DIGIC 8 Image Processor that captures stills with incredible color and clarity.

The autofocus is great – the eye detection feature is very accurate and allows you to click amazing portraits. The super responsive touchscreen is a nice addition that lets you select any subject for AF tracking – it works just as well for photos and videos.

The camera can function as a high-quality webcam with the help of the EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software available for Windows and Mac. Vloggers who like to hold live sessions with their followers will absolutely love this feature!

I would suggest going for this camera if you are looking for a versatile model that is equally capable of shooting excellent photos and videos.

  • Great image quality
  • Accurate autofocus with eye detection
  • Built-in Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and NFC
  • 4k video
  • Can function as a webcam
  • Poor battery life
  • Low light performance could be better
  • Not many compatible lenses

Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras 

Photographers are increasingly making a shift from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras to make their work more convenient. While mirrorless cameras have smaller sensors than DSLRs, they come with a host of features loaded in a comparatively lightweight and compact camera body.

Although they tend to be slightly more expensive, they are faster, less noisy, and offer more image stabilization than DSLR models. This makes it suitable both for beginners and professionals alike. In fact, the mirrorless models can sometimes even surpass the best Canon DSLR cameras.

Here are some of the best canon mirrorless cameras that I absolutely loved!

Canon EOS RP

A 26.2-megapixel compact mirrorless camera loaded with impressive features.

Megapixels: 26.2Sensor: CMOS
Aspect Ratio: 4:3ISO Range: 100 – 40000
Lens Mount: Canon RFStorage: SD / SDHC / SDXC
Flash: NoWeight : 17.1 oz

The Canon EOS RP is an entry-level mirrorless model that packs in a high-resolution 26.2-megapixel sensor. This is a perfect model for travelers like me who want a lightweight camera to capture professional-level images.

I really liked that you can shoot and process RAW images – which is a must for professional photographers out there! In addition, the full-frame sensor ensures you get splendid photos in all light conditions.

The only disappointing aspect of this camera is its short battery life. While this is a common issue with mirrorless cameras, it is clearly a disadvantage for photographers who do long outdoor shoots. 

The autofocus is simply superb and gives you great captures, no matter whether you’re photographing wildlife, portraits, or action shots. While the electronic viewfinder isn’t the best, it is good enough for the job.

The vari-angle touchscreen is excellent for taking shots from creative angles. It is also useful for taking selfies or making videos (especially for vloggers). Moreover, the camera also functions as a webcam -you can either use the EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software or a clean HDMI output for this task.

The camera is compatible with the RF lenses from Canon. But no worries if you have a collection of Canon EF lenses – you can also pair them with this camera by using the convenient EF-EOS R lens adapters.

All in all, this is a decent camera that has more advanced features than several entry-level DSLRs available right now. 

  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Vari-angle touchscreen
  • Supports RAW file
  • Can be turned into a webcam
  • Doesn’t come with a built-in flash
  • Poor battery life

Canon EOS R5

A 26.2-megapixel compact mirrorless camera loaded with impressive features.

Megapixels: 45.0Sensor: CMOS
Aspect Ratio: 3:2ISO Range: 100-51200
Lens Mount: Canon RFStorage: SD / SDHC / SDXC / CFexpress
Flash: NoWeight : 26.0 oz

As a professional photographer, I have always wanted a camera that combines superb image quality with a host of advanced features in a lightweight body. And this model from Canon’s R series attempts to do just that!

The Canon EOS R5 is a delightful camera that is suitable for just any professional work. It packs in a stunning 45-megapixel full-frame sensor in a comparatively lightweight body, making it a perfect camera to travel with for any photography assignment.

The autofocus is the best aspect of this camera. It doesn’t disappoint even when you are shooting in low light.

Moreover, it comes with face and eye detection, which is great for photographing people and animals. The camera easily determines the subject and locks into it to accurately track movement, giving you clear, detailed shots every time.

No matter what type of photography you engage in, the R5 has the capability of producing excellent results. It also comes with an 8k video shooting mode that gives you super detailed videos with accurate colors. Moreover, the fully-articulated touch screen makes shooting a pure joy.

At its price range, this is probably the best camera for all types of professional photography. I would choose the Canon EOS R5 over my usual DSLR any day!

  • 45-megapixel full-frame sensor
  • 8K video
  • Fully-articulated touchscreen
  • High ISO range
  • Dual memory card slots
  • Has overheating tendencies
  • Is expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Canon cameras waterproof?

Canon does have a range of waterproof cameras explicitly designed for underwater shooting, but this feature is available in limited models.

Several cameras by the brand come with weather sealing that claims to protect the camera from water and dust – but it is not the same as waterproof. Instead, these cameras could be called water-resistant, i.e., they can withstand rain or weather splashes up to a certain degree.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and the Canon EOS 90D are some models that feature weather sealing.

Can Canon cameras use Nikon lenses?

Unfortunately, the lens mount in Canon and Nikon cameras usually differ from each other. As a result, you cannot pair a Canon camera with a lens from Nikon.

Although some adapters are available in the market that claims to allow one to mount Nikon lenses to Canon cameras, it limits several functions of the lens.

How do Canon numbers work? 

Canon has a highly odd system of naming its camera models that can easily confuse the user.

For example, the single-digit DSLR models (like the 5D, 6D, etc.) are named in reverse – the lower number represents a more advanced camera model. So, according to this, the 1D will be much more advanced than a 5D. 

On the other hand, the double and triple-digit camera models have a higher number for the more advanced cameras. Therefore, a 90D is more advanced than an 80D.

What Canon cameras shoot 4K?

Canon has a range of DSLRs, mirrorless, and compact cameras capable of shooting 4k video. Some of the models with this advanced feature include Canon EOS Rebel SL3, Canon EOS M50, Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III, and Canon EOS 90D.

Should I buy a refurbished Canon camera?

Going for refurbished camera equipment is an excellent way of getting an advanced product at a discounted price. For example, canon offers several of its models in refurbished condition, which undergo a strict evaluation for quality before being available for sale.

Although buying a refurbished camera isn’t a bad idea, you should ensure that you only purchase from an authorized seller.

Where is the Canon camera serial number?

You can find the serial number of your Canon camera on the bottom of the camera body. Alternatively, the same will be printed within a white sticker on the box your device came in.

Can I charge a Canon camera through USB?

Several Canon models come with USB charging that makes it easy to charge on the go. But not all models have this feature.

Make sure you read the specifications to check whether your Canon camera supports USB charging or not.

Also read: Canon is an excellent brand for anyone looking for a camera. The only brand I would consider as a good alternative is Nikon. Check out the top Nikon Cameras if you would like to see more choices.

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