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When it comes to action photography, you need to be very careful about which model you pick. Simply because not all high-end cameras are built to withstand the harsh shooting conditions in action photography or videography.

I’d recently gone vacationing into the mountains, and we’d decided to try out all adventure sports we could out there. And as a photographer, how could I even think of missing out on capturing these thrilling shots? So I decided to carry along my weather-sealed point and shoot camera instead of my high-end gear.

Editor’s Choice
AKASO Brave 4

The durable camera with great features for less than $100.

But as luck would have it, my camera wasn’t functioning well, and at the very last minute, I had to look out for a replacement. And so I looked out for action cameras – ones that were sturdy, durable, and could sustain action photography and videography.

Through my research, I came across different models with great features. The best part? These cameras are affordable too! I’ve compiled a list of these cameras in this guide and listed their features as well. So if you’re looking to invest in one, you can make an informed choice before you make the purchase. Let’s have a look at the top budget action cameras:

Best Action Cameras Under $100

AKASO Brave 4

The durable camera with great features for less than $100.

Resolution: 20MPWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 5.6 ozImage Stabilisation: Yes

This entry-level camera is the best choice you can have, especially if you are on a budget. The Akaso Brave 4 is loaded with features that you’d find in cameras in a higher price range, but this camera provides similar features at an affordable price. You can easily use this camera to capture sharp photographs and good-quality videos.

The camera is perfect for outdoor use. The camera comes with a case, which you can use to increase its durability and protect it from external factors. All this, without interfering with the performance of the camera.

The 20MP resolution of the camera delivers well in different shooting scenarios. The video quality of the camera is impressive, for a camera in this price range. All these features in this camera have made it an absolute hit amongst action photographers.

As the camera is waterproof to the depth of 100 feet, which makes it fit for underwater photography as well. Even underwater, the camera can deliver great picture quality and sound audio and video quality as well.

Thanks to the image stabilization, the camera quickly and easily minimizes the effects of camera shake on imagery. The battery life of the camera is pretty good – if you’re planning to use it for photos only, it will work for 8 hours when fully charged. Likewise, for videography, you can expect the camera to work for 90 minutes.

  • Robust build
  • Waterproof
  • Image stabilization
  • Reasonable audio quality

Amcrest GO 4K Action Camera

Resolution: 16MPWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 13.1 ozImage Stabilisation: Yes

Looking for good quality, waterproof camera under $100? This model from Amcrest is one of the best action cameras, well within your budget. Its 16MP resolution allows you to capture quality images in different shooting scenarios. Along with photos, the camera delivers well for videography too.

To ensure you have clear audio quality, the camera comes with a built-in microphone to record audio. The audio quality won’t be great when you use the camera with the waterproof case, but it would be reasonable enough.

The action camera is WiFi-enabled, so you won’t have to struggle with transferring images and videos to other devices. You can also access the camera via the dedicated Amcrest GO app.

The camera has a range of action-friendly features – you have an UltraHD 2.0″ display screen that gives you a right and clear view of the video you are capturing. The 16MP lens offers a super-wide field of view, further allowing you to experiment with your camera.

The model is powered with a rechargeable 1050mAh battery and comes with a charger too. The camera is a great investment for beginners, especially those who wish to experiment with the action genre.

  • Good quality images and videos
  • Waterproof
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Reasonable audio quality when used with waterproof case

AKASO EK7000 Action Camera

A GoPro alternative at a cheaper price!

Resolution: 16MPWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 1.4 lbsImage Stabilisation: Yes

Well, this camera comes with most of the features in a GoPro and isn’t as expensive too! One of the best budget action cameras out there, this camera from Akaso delivers just like any GoPro model would. The design, size, material used to make the camera – are all similar to that of GoPro too.

Akaso is a brand not many would have heard of before – but thanks to the amazing knockoff products the brand is coming up with, it is now becoming a crowd favorite. The video quality delivered by this camera is good, and the model works well in bright, clear conditions. In addition, the low-light performance of the camera is reasonable.

The camera renders four shooting modes – video, still photos, burst photos, and timelapse. Each mode allows you to bring your creative ideas into reality. The camera has a good battery life, but it’s not at par as compared to other models. You can shoot videos continuously, and the camera would work for around an hour and forty minutes.

You have two batteries, which come with a charger. You can quickly replace the battery if one runs out of charge. The lithium batteries featured in this camera don’t perform well in extremely cold or warm climates. You may not be able to use the camera well in these conditions.

  • Delivers like a GoPro
  • Compact
  • Four shooting modes
  • Battery life is not up-to-the-mark

AKASO EK7000 Pro Action Camera 

A better, upgraded model as compared to its predecessor – the Akaso EK7000.

Resolution: 16MPWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 2.15ozImage Stabilisation: Yes

The Akaso EK7000 action camera was an absolute hit amongst extreme sports photographers, but it came with its set of drawbacks too. The brand went a step ahead and came up with a better, more equipped model, the Akaso EK7000 Pro, which is well within the budget range too.

This camera is a knockoff of GoPro cameras, and it fits well with the majority of the GoPro accessories. But is the camera able to deliver as a GoPro would? Not really. The camera comes with a case, but it is also a touchscreen. Now, this makes it difficult to use the touchscreen of the camera when it is in the case. Apart from this, it delivers mid-range video quality and good image quality.

The camera comes with an image stabilization mechanism, which is a major plus point in an entry-level model. You wouldn’t have to worry about camera shake and its effects, but despite this, the video quality delivered is okayish.

The build of the camera is solid and lightweight. It is waterproof and can be used underwater up to 131 feet. It has an easy-to-use design as well. The spring-loaded metal buttons may prove to be a problem, especially in outdoor locations where they stop working if they get covered with mud.

  • Compact design
  • Solid and lightweight build
  • The touchscreen is of no use when used with the case

HLS Video Action Camera

A budget-friendly, compact action camera.

Resolution: 20MPWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 1.59ozImage Stabilisation: Yes

Coming from HLS, this affordable action camera is known for its underwater performance. It is waterproof up to 30m and is the perfect take-along to capture adventure and action shots. The next time you go surfing, hiking, or diving, do make sure you take along this video action camera along for the best shots and videos.

The camera is easy to control and comes with a wrist 2.4G remote. The app WiFi signal can reach under 33ft, which makes it further easy to capture underwater shots. Thanks to the advanced electronic anti-shaking mechanism, you can capture detailed, sharp, and clear shots and videos, with no visible effects of camera-shake. Moreover, it can capture fast movements with ease.

The camera offers multiple features as well as accessories. The features are easy to use and beginner-friendly as well. Among the accessories, you have two batteries, the remote control, and other multifunctional accessories which are compatible with GoPro cameras.

The app has some connectivity issues and does not work as seamlessly as it should. It is also difficult to use with a waterproof casing on. But on an overall basis, the camera is a cool pick, especially for the budget range you are looking at.

  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Works well underwater
  • Connectivity issues with the app
  • Difficult to use with the waterproofing case

AKASO V50X Native Action Camera

A touch-sensitive, WiFi-enabled action camera under $100

Lens type: Fisheye lensWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 1.12 lbsImage Stabilisation: Yes

Often hailed as the best action camera under $100, this camera is indeed an excellent model from Akaso. Along with a durable rubbery texture, the camera is also waterproof making it perfect for extreme sports photographers as well.

The 4K camera shoots in 30fps and delivers good quality footage. The Native 4K action camera is impressive and performs well in different shooting scenarios. The camera comes with a 2-inch touchscreen display and is simple and responsive to use.

It is also equipped with Electronic Image Stabilisation. This mechanism helps predict your movements and corrects camera shake simultaneously. In the budget cameras category, this model has the best image stabilization.

The camera comes with an array of accessories, each of which contributes to improving the camera’s performance. It also comes with two rechargeable batteries. Each of these batteries, when fully charged, delivers up to 3 hours of continuous recording.

Apart from your phone, you can remotely control the camera with the provided wireless wrist remote. As a professional, you may not be satisfied with the quality of video and images delivered by this camera. But for beginners looking for a budget camera, this is a great choice.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Great image stabilization
  • Easy to use
  • Footage may be grainy at times

Best Action Cameras (Slightly higher than $100)

Now that I’ve run you through the best cameras under $100, here’s a thought – why settle for reasonable features when you can get a better action camera model by investing a few more dollars? These cameras come with additional features such as a front-face display and others which you won’t find in cameras below $100.

These action cameras are perfect for bloggers, action photographers, and YouTubers as well. So for those who are willing to shell out a little more, here are some of the top recommendations I have for you.

AKASO Brave 7 Action Camera

An adventure-ready action camera, perfect for action photography.

Resolution: 20MPWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 1.54 lbsImage Stabilisation: Yes

A great action camera for bloggers, this one comes with a tiny front-mounted screen. The camera is tough and durable and is apt for getting shots in places where you can’t use your smartphone or other expensive cameras.

The camera comes with image stabilization, which helps counter camera-shake to a certain extent. The image stabilization of the camera is not up-to-the-mark, and you would require a gimbal additionally to ensure the camera delivers well in high-intensity actions scenes as well. The camera comes with a standard tripod thread, so you can easily mount it on your tripod.

Setting up the camera is easy and you can get started within a few moments. The design and layout of the camera are particularly easy to understand as well as accessible, so you won’t face issues even if you’re a beginner. The touch-sensitive screen works well and is responsive to gestures and swipes. You can also tweak most of the settings using the Akaso GO app. To use the app, you have to connect your phone to the camera using WiFi.

The camera functions well in different lighting scenarios – so even if you have a dimly lit scene to capture, you can expect reasonable performance from the camera.

  • WiF connectivity
  • Equipped with tripod thread
  • Front-mounted screen for easy visibility
  • Image stabilization mechanism does not perform as expected

 XTU Action Camera

A model with the blend of just the features you’re looking for in an action camera.

Resolution: 20MPWaterproof: Yes
Weight: 1.54 lbsImage Stabilisation: Yes

Looking at a budget of less than $150? This action camera from XTU is the perfect fit! It features a dual-screen display along with a built-in image stabilization, which makes it a handy piece of equipment for bloggers. The front-facing screen makes it easier to record yourself, while the image stabilization will take care of the camera and handshake.

The camera is waterproof, making it fit for underwater shoots as well. It is waterproof up to 5m without external housing. With the external housing case, you can go further up to 40m. Apart from underwater shots, the camera is ideal for all other adventure activities – right from cycling to surfing and even sky diving.

The XTU camera also includes WiFi connectivity. As a result, you can easily transfer images from your camera to other connected devices. The WiFi connectivity also makes it super easy to directly edit, share, or stream footage from your camera.

YOu have the enhanced zoom-in feature with three different view angles. The camera has all the features you require to give form to all your creative experiments. The battery of the camera discharges quickly, so that’s one thing you need to be careful about. Apart from this, the camera is perfect for those who love adventure as well as extreme sports photographers.

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Waterproof
  • Equipped with a front-facing screen
  • Battery drains out quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Action Camera For YouTube Videos?

Action cameras are the most compact and durable of all camera models. Despite their compact size and lightweight, they still deliver excellent quality photos and videos. At a budgeted price, these cameras manage to deliver high-quality videos, which also explains why many YouTubers use these cameras to record their videos.

Especially if you are a beginner at vlogging, you may want to start with an affordable camera that would still manage to deliver well. And these action cameras are the perfect fit here.

Can I Use Action Camera For Photography?

Action cameras are built to capture high-intensity scenes. And they are adept enough for both photography and videography. An action camera is equipped with a camera lens of good resolution. Along with this, you also have the image stabilization mechanism, which helps you as you capture your shots. Thanks to these and other features, the action cameras can deliver good quality, clear imagery.

How do I Choose an Action Camera?

This depends on your shooting requirements. If you ask me, I’d suggest you pick a camera that’s waterproof, sturdy, and has a rubberized build. This would help the camera sustain in different and tough shooting conditions. When you pick a waterproof camera, also check the level until which it can sustain underwater. Some cameras do well without a case, whereas others mandatorily require a case for optimal underwater performance.

Also, look for a camera that comes with an in-built image stabilization mechanism. This would help deal with the camera-shake and ensure you have good-quality photos and videos. Also, check for WiFI connection and remote control, as these features are key when it comes to action photography and videography.

Where to Mount an Action Camera?

Thanks to different accessories, you can mount action cameras literally on any surface you want to! You can attach them to the front, top, side, or back of your helmet or headgear. You also have suction camera mounts that work amazingly well for high-speed video recording.

With powerful suction cups, you can mount an action camera on any smooth surfaces such as motorcycle or car bodies, snowboards, windshields, boats, and even surfboards. For selfies, you can mount the camera on selfie sticks or action camera poles.

If you’re looking to capture underwater shots, you can choose surfboard mounts, as they would be able to sustain in water. To mount the action cameras on bike clamps or monopods, you can opt for mounting adapters. There are many ways you can mount an action camera, all you need to do is find the right mounting accessory.

Which Action Camera is Best for Beginners?

You can choose one depending on your requirements and budget. I’ve listed out different models of varying prices and you can pick the one that best fits your requirements. You can choose one that has an easy layout with user-friendly features so that you can get started without having to waste time with complicated features.

Can I Use a Tripod With my Action Camera?

Of course, you can. Tripods are great external stabilizers, especially if your camera does not offer good enough image stabilization. Do ensure you look for a camera that comes with an in-built tripod mount. An action camera with a standard tripod mount can be easily mounted on a tripod. A tripod would enhance the usability of your camera.

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