What is Boudoir Photography

What is Boudoir Photography?

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Boudoir Photography is a more sensual form of photography that focuses more on the person and less on the clothing. Boudoir is usually done in a hotel or home where the client (or model) can feel relaxed and get into their pajamas or other comfortable clothing if they’d like to change.

The clients will generally be wearing lingerie which allows for flexibility in poses, but it isn’t necessary! There are no specific rules for boudoir photography – you can be as sexy, scandalous, coy, demure, revealing…whatever you want to be!

The term “boudoir” originated from Europe when women had private parlors in their homes to receive visitors. These private rooms were called “boudoirs,” where women kept their finest jewelry and belongings.

There is a sense of intimacy and secrecy that the word “boudoir” brings to mind, and boudoir photography aims to capture that feeling. Now that you know what is boudoir photography, keep reading to know the important factors that you must consider before attempting one.

Does Boudoir Photography have nudity?

Boudoir Photography is often tasteful in nature but sometimes includes nudity. However, it’s more about beauty than anything else, and many people choose to do boudoir photos for themselves, for an anniversary or birthday gift for their significant other.

In fact, it started as a popular (shockingly!) Valentine’s Day present, or simply because they want some lovely images done of themselves! Some common examples of Boudoir Photography Examples include artistic nude imagery, pin-up style portraits, or something more risque.

What is Boudoir Photography and Who is it for?

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography has traditionally been done for the female gender by a male photographer. This doesn’t mean that only females feel sexy or can only be photographed by men. It’s the way things have been done across the globe, and it’s an industry standard to have a male photographer + a female model for boudoir photos.

However, this is changing – more women are taking up photography as a career path, and many offer Boudoir Photography sessions because, well, it’s sexy! And why not do something you love?

There are also plenty of women photographers specializing in doing Boudoir Photography for women! So if you feel uncomfortable going into a male-run studio, then going to a female photographer may help alleviate your uneasiness.

If you’re a woman who wants complete control over her images, though, consider looking for a female boudoir photographer!

If you want to do boudoir photos for your partner, that’s okay too! You can, of course, go into the more traditional route of having a male photographer photographing you; remember that it’s up to you how sexy or revealing you get in front of the camera.

A boudoir photo shoot is often more about your comfort than it is about showing off, so get involved with what poses feel best and get ready to have some sexy fun!

What to Expect in a Boudoir Photography Shoot

Boudoir shoots are generally conducted at an indoor studio space (although outdoor locations definitely work) where the model remains clothed while changing outfits in private areas. Sometimes waterproof clothing is worn if the model will be in a wet environment.

The locations and poses are up to the photographer, so it’s best to know what you want before going into it. A boudoir shoot is often very costly, so don’t waste your money on a shoot where you feel uncomfortable or where you don’t know what will happen. Communication with your photographer is essential when planning any photoshoot!

Many people love boudoir photography for the ability to make something sensual and sexy out of a location that they would generally find boring.

Consider having a picnic indoors, for example – set up some pillows on the ground, bust out some champagne glasses and treats, and get ready to have some fun! Or go for an indoor beach look – have the water running, set up some tiki torches outside or inside, and feel free to get creative!

Boudoir photos are entirely customizable, so go ahead and experiment with different ideas. Most importantly, it’s your photoshoot so take this opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to try! Makeup artists are often available for touch-ups after wardrobe changes as well, so if you want a professional touch, you can schedule one before the shoot.

The main goal of boudoir photography, however, is to make you feel good about yourself. Without that element, none of the other things matter because it turns into forced nudity instead of sexy fun! So trust your photographer but mostly trust yourself – this will be an experience that both of you will remember forever!

Boudoir Photography FAQs

If any of your questions/doubts aren’t answered below, please feel free to leave a comment or email us directly, and we’ll respond to you ASAP! The questions apply to both – photographers and people thinking of hiring one for themselves.

What age should I start doing boudoir photography?

Any age is suitable for boudoir photos! Just don’t go too overboard – Keep the outfits and the poses on the more mature side, and you’ll be just fine.

What should I wear to my boudoir photoshoot?

This is entirely up to you! If it’s a special occasion like your birthday, go all out and wear what makes you feel good about yourself. Otherwise, choose something that fits the theme of your photos – try to make your outfit match the location where you’ll be shooting.

Whether it’s a casual daytime shoot at home or night out on the town, mix and match colors to get something that looks good on you!

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