what is a 55-250mm lens used for

What is a 55-250mm Lens used for? | Answered

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A 55-250mm lens is a telephoto lens that’s ideal for taking pictures of things that are far away. It has a range between 55mm to 250mm. The lens will magnify objects, making it ideal for taking pictures of wildlife such as birds and land animals like deer because they are small and far away.

What’s a Telephoto Lens?

A telephoto zoom lens is a type of photographic zoom lenses that covers the focal length range from “telephoto” (longer focal lengths) to “wide angle” (shorter focal lengths). These lenses are often used in wildlife photography, sports photography and photojournalism. It reduces the “jump” of a lens from long to short focus, by having a longer ‘base’ zoom setting — so it’s easier to compose a subject at a distance through a viewfinder.

Features of a 55-250mm Lens

The field of view for a 55-250mm lens is 29.5 degrees. What this means is that the lens will take in objects from near to far and cover almost all the space between those two points.

Stabilization and adjustment on most 55-250mm lenses is achieved using a gear-driven DC motor. This lets the photographer take photos without shaking the camera, so it makes it easier to take steady shots.

The aperture of a 55-250mm lens is f/4.5-6.3 . It can open up to a maximum of 6.3 and close down to 4.5, which affects the depth of field.

You can use a 55-250mm lens with a full-frame camera or an APS-C camera. The lens is made of plastic. This keeps the weight down.

When someone uses a 55-250mm lens with a full-frame camera, they will get larger images than when they use it with an APS-C camera.

Here’s an example of Wildlife Photography with a 55-250mm Lens:

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